A 14 hour overnight stay that allows your pet(s) to remain in the comfort of their own home. Time of arrival to your home may vary between 3:00 pm and 6:30 pm depending on circumstances and scheduling. Time of departure will vary between 6:00 am and 9:30 am the following day depending on circumstances and scheduling. 

Suggestions: add on a walk/visit midday for multiple overnight stays

WALKS - $10/$25

10 minute potty break - $10

30 minute walk - $20

45 minute walk - $25




Hourly pet care allows you to leave for a number of hours while having your pet cared for in your home. There is a minimum of 2 hours gone for this service.


A visit provides your requested services in a 30 minute period. Requests such as walks, feeding, poop pickup, litter cleaning, & minor household tasks (mails, watering small plants, etc.)




This service allows your dog to interact and play with other dogs between Monday through Friday. Playdates are held at either Bonita Canyon Park or Coronado Dog Beach. Dogs will be picked up at 8:50 am and dropped off at 11:50 am (pick up and drop off times may vary due to the amount of dogs).

Dogs must be friendly! If your dog shows any signs of aggression towards other playdate dogs, your dog will be sent home and will no longer be able to attend playdates.

$5 extra per added on dog from the same household