About Us

Murphy and Me Pet Sitting was founded by dog owner, Korye Miller, in 2013 but the story actually begins in 2002 with Korye's very first childhood friend, Murphy.  Murphy, a young and silly pup at the time, was adopted from a shelter as a surprise Christmas present for Korye from her parents. Once their two eyes met for the first time on that Christmas morning, it was the beginning of a wonderful and life changing relationship that neither of them could have imagined.  

Growing up, Murphy was the pride and joy of Korye's life. They played together. They slept together. They lived life together. Dealing with all the confusion and change that comes with growing up can be tough, especially for a little girl, but rest assured, her best friend Murphy was there for every moment of it. The two became utterly inseparable. It wasn't long before all of Korye's family and friends loved Murphy too. With Murphy's vibrant personality and unquestionable loyalty, it wasn't difficult to see why. One unexpected day, Murphy was not acting like her usual self which began to worry Korye. Shortly after, Murphy was diagnosed with cancer. The news hit Korye very hard. She took Murphy to countless checkups and tried her very best to nurse her childhood best friend back to health. Sadly, after a hard fought battle, Murphy passed away in 2012.

The joy that Murphy provided to Korye is the reason why she decided to work with animals. Murphy taught Korye invaluable lessons about friendship and though she may be absent from her side, Murphy will never be absent from her heart. This business is dedicated to Murphy and will carry on her name as "Murphy And Me Pet Sitting".