Doggy Play Dates

Tired of coming home after a long day at work to an overly energetic dog? Book a doggy play date! We will pick up your dog, along with other friendly dogs, for a fun trip to the beach or to the dog park. This will tire your dog out so they will be more mellow when you arrive home from work. It will also give your dog the opportunity to get some exercise and have fun with their pals.

$40 for one pet.

$20 added per additional pet in the same household.



Your dog will be picked up in our lavish Murphy and Me Mobile complete with a spacious cab that is carpeted and has a 360 degree view for the dogs enjoyment! Pick up will occur between 9:00 am - 9:30 am



We will arrive at Coronado Dog Beach or Grape Street Dog park once all of our furry friends are picked up. Dogs will have 1+ hour(s) to play at the beach or park and run around with their pals!


Canine Cleanup and Drop Off

Dogs will be rinsed, shampooed, and towel dried after playtime. Your dog will be dropped off back home between 11:20 am - 11:50 am.