Walks & Visits

Want to walk your dog but can’t because you’re working? Need to let your dog out to go potty but can’t because you’re out with friends? We understand. Book a walk or a visit! Walks and visits are used to help manage your busy schedule and to give your beloved pet some fresh air, exercise, and potty breaks while you’re away. This provides ease and peace of mind while you are at work or even if you just want to have a fun day out in the sun!

You will receive a picture of your pet during every walk or visit.


Let’s do a walk!

30 minute walk - $25

45 minute walk - $30

60 minute walk - $35

How about a visit?

30 minute visit - $25

45 minute visit - $30

60 minute visit - $35


Pricing applies to a maximum of 2 pets from the same household. Any additional pets will be an added $5 per pet.